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MJO Shaar HaShamayim Synagogue has been serving the Jewish Community in Forest Hills & Queens for over 30 Years.

 Today Shaar Hashamayim Continues to Be A Staple in the Community with Weekly Shabbat Services And Kiddushes, as well as Shabbatons, Hospitality Services, and Traditional Festivities.

It Continues to Serve a Place for All Jews to Congregate in Warm Surroundings and Holds True to its Founding Ideals of Providing Traditional
Jewish Customs and Services.

Here One can Learn Torah & Speak with friends in English, French & Hebrew. Congregants from all Backgrounds and Levels are Welcome. Be Part of Our Community!

לימוד תורה באנגלית, צרפתית ועברית. מתפללים מכל הרקע היהודיים ורמותיהם מוזמנים. להיות חלק מהקהילה שלנו!

Etudes Torah en Anglais, en Français et en Hébreu. Les membres de tous les fonds et niveaux sont les bienvenus.
Faites partie de notre communauté!

    "The SHABBAT Kollel" consists of a rabbi & LAYMEN who are devoted to the needs of our community and are available every SHABBAT afternoon and evening to study with you on any Torah topic.

  • The SHABBAT Kollel reaches out to the children of our community, especially Jewish children from the local public & private schools to provide them with free classes on Judaism and Torah, including Bar/Bat Mitzvah lessons.

  • Learning programs with a multi-lingual (Hebrew, French or English) rabbi on any Torah subject.

  • Shabbat & Sunday Prayer Services

  • Beautiful Lawn for Children to Play

  • Children’s Shabbat Program

  • Adult Education

  • Free Hebrew Children’s School

  • Shabbat Kollel

  • Library – English & Hebrew

  • Weekly Torah Lectures

  • Events & Parties

  • Special Guest Speakers

  • Free Coloring Books & Shabbat Candle Lighting Kits

  • Personal & Family Consultation of Concerns with Rabbi to receive Torah Perspective

  • Free Parking over Shabbat (Friday Evening till After Shabbat) & for Prayer Service Participants

We Warmly Welcome New Participants to Enjoy
Shabbat Morning Services (8:45 a.m. - 11:15)
Kiddush (about 11:30 a.m.) & Full Catered Community Lunch - following service by Chatanooga Restaurant in Great Neck.

Drop by Shabbat to meet our afternoon teaching staff, where you or your children can learn Jewish subject of your interest one-on-one with a personal mentor.

Stop by to pick up a FREE Shabbat Gift Pack or Mini-Siddur or Berakha cards!

Take part in our many Adult & Children holiday programs, classes and events. Free for Men, Women & Kids!

Sunday Morning Jewish Enrichment Program

Prayer Service (8:00 a.m.) followed by Breakfast & Bagels & Torah Study

Meet our Congregants.

Come speak with our Rabbi to set up a personal Jewish Family Growth Plan for you and your family children.

Or Just Come in to Say Hello.

Register your children in the FREE Hebrew Sunday School program every Sunday 11:00 am -12:15 pm. Call us at 718.263.8102


The Moroccan Jewish Organization was originally established in 1972 by a small group of Moroccan Jews in the U.S. to provide financial assistance for education to under-privileged Moroccan youths in Israel.

Although in its early years, the MJO was an organization without a permanent home, the founders never failed to host traditional Moroccan services for all Jewish holidays. As word of the organization spread to the Jewish Moroccan population in New York, the MJO traditional services quickly became popular and built a strong base of members with other Moroccan Jews in the United States that longed for their traditions and familiar surroundings. In October of 1982, the MJO acquired a house-turned- synagogue from the Bukharian community in Forest Hills, Queens. Approximately 6 months later, after extensive renovations, the building was opened for the first time for Purim in 1983. Shortly thereafter, the Synagogue was named Shaar HaShamayim, which means “The Gates of Heaven.”One of the many highlights of the MJO was hosting many well known Moroccan Chazanim, singers, and personalities such as Sami El-Maghrebi, Rabbi Haim Louk, Jo Amar, Baba Baruch, and Chief Rabbis from around the world - like Rabbi Yosef Sitruk, former hief Rabbi of France and Rabbi Shalom Messas, Former Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem. Former Roshei Yeshivot also graced the MJO including Rabbi Gavriel Toledano and Rabbi Michael Toledano of Ohr Baruch Yeshiva in Jerusalem and Rabbi Shmuel Birenbaum, of Mir Yeshiva in Brooklyn. The MJO and its founders were also recognized for being the first Organization for Moroccan Jews in the United States at a special event hosted by the then King of Morocco, King Hassan II.


Although many other Jewish Moroccan organizations have since been created throughout the United States, the MJO is still well known and an important place for Moroccan Jews across the US and around the world. While well recognized globally, the MJO continues to be a staple in the community with weekly Shabbat services and Kiddushes, as well as Shabbatons, hospitality services, and traditional Moroccan festivities. It continues to serve as a place for all Jews to congregate in warm surroundings and holds true to its founding ideals of providing traditional Moroccan customs and services.


Rabbi Yedidia Monsonego



Rabbi Aharon Monsonego


Benjamin Chetrit & Elie Chetrit


Rabbi Michael Toledano, Elie Chetrit, Benjamin Chetrit (R-L)

Our Founders and Builders


Benjamin & Joseph Chetrit with Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef


Haim Sasson